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Project | 01

Medium | The Doctor (Tech) Is In

Most of us are starting off 2019 with an amped-up wellness routine- but do you have these tech tools to help boost your journey to wellness?

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Project | 02

AXEL Blog | GDPR Long-Form Article

What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how will it affect you or your business? Read the recent news updates and facts about this major data privacy regulation that's paving a big road for the future of privacy laws. 

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Project | 03

AXEL Blog | Facebook Long-Form Article

Our current tech-driven world is seeing one data privacy breach after another--and even Facebook is feeling the heat. Stay updated on the scandal and learn how you can protect yourself and your information while you peruse the pages of this social media giant. 

The Doctor Is in, and her name is tech (

Project | 04

Medium | Texting On The Toilet

I'll be honest with you- this article only came about after a recent experience...find out how your tech behavior is changing your behavior and ways you can break the addiction. 

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Project | 05

Medium | Rock-A-Bye, Techie

Trouble Sleeping? Here's how  nature and technology, today's modern duo, is teaming up to get you the best sleep ever. 

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